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6m x 3m White Pleated Backdrop Curtain Hire

6m x 3m White Pleated Backdrop Curtain Hire

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Introducing the Ultimate 6m x 3m Backdrop Stand Hire

Elevate your event or photoshoot with our versatile, easy-to-assemble and elegant backdrop frame. This all-in-one 6m x 3m Backdrop Stand Hire enables you to effortlessly transform your backdrop while offering a professional and stunning appearance that sets the perfect scene.

What sets our 6m x 3m Backdrop Stand Hire apart from the rest?

The state-of-the-art telescopic pipe and drape set includes:

  • 3 x Upright for a sturdy and reliable structure
  • 3 x Crossbar to support all types of backdrops and materials
  • Pleated White Backdrop Curtain included for a sophisticated and polished look

Unique Features and Benefits:

  1. Telescopic Design: Our innovative telescopic pipe and drape set allows for easy and quick adjustments to the height and width of the backdrop frame, making it suitable for all types of events, photoshoots, and occasions.
  1. Easy Assembly and Disassembly: With no tools required, our 6m x 3m Backdrop Stand Hire can be assembled in minutes, giving you more time to focus on creating memorable moments.
  1. Versatility & Customization: Our backdrop stand is not just limited to the included pleated white curtain; you can add your own personalized touch to suit any theme or event. This durable frame can accommodate various materials such as fabric, banners, or even green screens.
  1. Enhance the Visual Appeal of Your Space: Be it a wedding, birthday party, trade show, or any other special occasion, our 6m x 3m backdrop stand adds an elegant touch to any setting and creates an immersive atmosphere.
  1. Portable and Compact: The backdrop frame is easy to transport, making it an ideal solution for on-the-go professionals and event planners. The compact design ensures hassle-free storage when not in use.


  • Product Category: Backdrop
  • Dimensions: 6m x 3m (Height x Width)
  • Material: Durable, High-Quality Metal
  • Frame Components: 3 x Upright, 2x Crossbar
  • Light weight stand- do not overload as could break

Don't let your event or photoshoot fade into the background. Make it unforgettable with our 6m x 3m Backdrop Stand Hire today! Order now and transform your backdrop into a mesmerizing scene that captures the heart of your event.

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